Beloved World Revisited

Perfect holiday reading… 

First of all, the Neverland became my beloved world at age 11—when I first played Peter Pan onstage. Then the beloved world of Oz entered my life 

I invited friends to my house to play an imaginary game with me. We “traveled” to Oz, and acted out whichever Oz adventure I’d been reading most recently. Ahh… Those were the days!


Beloved World Revisited


My love affair with the Neverland blossomed thirty-some years later. I wrote my spin-off book series: Piper Pan and Her Merry Band.

Ages of Oz- The Fiery FriendshipConsequently, I was thrilled when…

I found a new spin-off of Oz: Gabriel Gale’s Ages of Oz: The Fiery Friendship. Created by Gabriel Gale, written by Lisa Fiedler, and illustrated by Sebastian Giacobino. Like Piper Pan, this spin-off has a girl hero (a young Glinda the Good). She has her own sort of “Merry Band” assisting on her quest to save Oz from Wicked.)

However, this Wicked is not to be confused with Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire. His is a work of fiction for adult readers. I read the latter. While it’s impressive, it never caught my fancy the same way L. Frank Baum did. (Of course I love that the musical version of Wicked flourishes still!)

Here’s the summary for Gabriel Gale’s Ages of Oz: The Fiery Friendship:


“When her mother is imprisoned for practicing forbidden Magic, thirteen-year-old Glinda must save the future of Oz from the four Wicked Witches.”


Seems like we might call it a prequel to the Wizard of Oz. It leaves characters and places hanging, like red herrings, awaiting Dorothy far in the future.

I loved seeing Oz returned to by an author for children—

Because the action races, politics fade, details sparkle with imagination and magic.

Celebrate this new adventure in Oz!

In the end, when a beloved world enters the Public Domain, we can revisit it through fresh eyes.

Most of all, you’ll enjoy Gabriel Gale’s Ages of Oz: The Fiery Friendship as I did. Hop on down to your library and check it out.

Happy Reading!

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  • lin bruce

    Sounds like a GOOD read. Your Piper Pan and young Glinda have BIG, similar tasks….. to be strong, take on the task, move their world.

    What a creative game you played as child, having your friends join you in OZ!

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