Laini Taylor

Some authors stand head and shoulders above the crowd. Laini Taylor is on that list.

I’ve written about the genius of Laini Taylor here before—in reference to her Faeries of Dreamdark series, which I re-read at least once per year. (Click here for the post.)


I’ve just Laini […]

Beloved World Revisited

Perfect holiday reading…

First of all, the Neverland became my beloved world at age 11—when I first played Peter Pan onstage. Then the beloved world of Oz entered my life

I invited friends to my house to play an imaginary game with me. We “traveled” to […]

Whimsy, Imagination, Beauty, Love

Hungry for whimsy, beauty, imagination, love? Need some good entertainment, but don’t have time to read a whole book?

If you have a couple of hours, I’ve got you covered.


The movie: This Beautiful Fantastic.


I’m usually all about book recommendations here. However, this movie shares so many values I hold […]

Enchanted Glass

Every now and then a book I read makes me feel I’ve come home.


Enchanted Glass by Diana Wynne Jones delivered that spectacular feeling.


In pondering what combination of things makes it so, here’s what I came up with:

It’s a story of unique characters—oddballs, really—all of whom have a […]

Playful Halloween

Piper Pan, brought to life by Aisha Zaleha Latip

Wishing you a playful Halloween!

Growing up, somehow I forgot to include the playful aspect of dressing up and going out on Halloween. I got caught up in “doing it right,” or in the fact that I thought I didn’t know how to […]

Wishes Made Real

Imagine owning something magical that takes your wishes and makes them real…

Not a genie, exactly, although that’s a similar tradition. In “Joplin, Wishing,” by Diane Stanley, the wishes made real come from a ceramic platter and the depicted girl from Holland on it that holds this power. It’s a power that can […]

Authors and Their Stories

As an author, I’m fascinated with where stories come from.


“Where do you get your ideas?”


This is the question you never want to ask at an author talk—it will elicit eye rolling, throat clearing, or a quick change of subject. Nevertheless, I love learning about authors and their stories.

We […]

Why We Need Libraries

You are a reader.

Like me, you love books and believe in their power. Granted, I’m preaching to the choir, but there’s something I want you to read because it will thrill you. Here’s an essay to answer the question: “Why do we need libraries?” It gives words to unarticulated feelings […]

Outside In

Today I delight in sharing with you: Outside In, by Jennifer Bradbury.

This would be a great read-aloud book, or read it to yourself, as I did.

The summary:

A street boy named Ram in Chandigarh, India, the Ramayana (Hindu mythology), and an artist bringing those gods and their adventures to […]

Neil Gaiman

Let’s celebrate the greatness of author Neil Gaiman.

Big, Fat, Popular Books

On my way home from a recent family reunion, my connecting flight in San Francisco was delayed. I wandered around and, of course, found a bookstore. I eventually benefited by gaining one “best-selling underground novel” (for adults) entitled American […]