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The Curse of the Neverland (Book One)

PaperbackCoverImageThe Neverland is in terrible trouble. It’s dying of a dragon’s appetite, a pirate’s greed, and a fairy’s vanity. It’s only hope of survival lies with Peter Pan’s granddaughter, Piper, and her group of fellow foster girls. But Piper’s bent on vengeance and can’t fly, the pirate won’t stop making the dragon feed on humans, the fairy can’t be trusted, and the dragon might appear and disintegrate them all at any moment.

The Curse of the Neverland is the first book in the series, Piper Pan & Her Merry Band. Get access to free downloadable character posters and coloring book by entering your name and email address in the box to the right!



Becoming Piper Pan Cover2singlepng Becoming Piper Pan (Book Two)

Fleeing for her life across the dying Neverland, eleven-year-old Piper Pizzinni is consumed by self-doubt—reluctant to believe she is the rightful heir to Peter Pan. How can she save the lives of her newly won friends and bring life to the Neverland when she cannot even fly? Pursued by pirates and a dragon possessed, chances of victory are slim to none.

Longing to save the magical island, Piper must learn to ask for help from her friends, both human and fairy, if she is to triumph over the greatest riddle of all: how to become who she is truly meant to be.


Here’s who you’ll meet in the Piper Pan books…

Here’s who you’ll meet in the Piper Pan books, hanging out here on this site, in the blog, and on the pages of The Curse of the Neverland and its sequels:

Piper: Her 11th birthday starts with being delivered to Fitch’s Last Ditch Foster Home, and ends being flown to the nearly dead Neverland literally by the seat of her pants. Expecting to find and rescue her parents, instead she learns she is Piper Pan – Peter Pan’s granddaughter and only heir. The fate of the magical island rests in her hands.

Belle, the fairy: Once known as Tinker Bell, she has renamed herself to suit her more “mature” (aging!) self. She’ll do whatever she thinks will work to save her magical home from destruction.

Captain Li’l Jack: The pirate captain with metal hook and claw for hands. Bent on finding a way to grow real hands to become the concert pianist he dreams of being, he is collecting Life Elixir: tears shed by the black dragon Sincoraz after it feeds. To get the Elixir he must feed the dragon, and these days that means rounding up humans. He’ll destroy anyone and anything standing between him and his dream.

Sincoraz the Black Dragon: It feeds on life force, and has consumed nearly all of the Neverland’s. Hungry all the time, who knows if the pirate captain will come up with enough fodder to satisfy it’s appetite?

The “Lifers” from Fitch’s Last Ditch Foster Home for Girls: Ranging in age from 12 to 4, Pudge, Zonk, Midge, Stinky, the twins Flim and Flam, and Thumb end up in training to become Piper’s Merry Band. But will they learn to work as a team before it’s too late?

Oberon and Titania, King and Queen of the Fairies: Ruling from their palace in the Crystal City in Fairyland, the royal pair is deeply concerned about the Neverland’s imminent fall from their magical kingdom, and will use what influence they can to bring it back into the fold.

Pearl the Black: The fairy who uses the dark side of magic to suit her purposes of pursuing power and everlasting youth. Belle goes to Pearl for help when she needs a quick solution—not always the best solution!

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