Here’s what reviews are saying about The Curse of the Neverland:

“For young readers wanting to extend their time in Neverland, Peter Pan’s granddaughter, Piper Pan, is ready to lead them forward. This new series builds on Barrie’s Peter Pan adding contemporary themes while providing continuing opportunities for the adventures only possible in the Neverland.  Belle, formerly Tinker Bell, sometimes helpful and other times disingenuous, helps Piper return to the Neverland and take up a mission of finding her parents and bringing the magical island back from ecological disaster.

Young readers are familiar with the Peter Pan story and this book is for those who secretly see themselves having a part in the story of Neverland.  A good read for young readers looking for a series that offers a mix of fantasy and realism.”

Mary Wagner, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita, Library and Information Science, St. Catherine University


“Success starts as a tiny seed in our imagination. This captivating story of Piper, Belle and Captain L’il Jack will make you laugh, cry and cheer as you follow the girls on their journey from disheartened outsiders to resourceful confident friends. Aside from being a wonderful story,  its also a great message for young girls  to embrace. Life really is an adventure and the more we model this for our children, and expose them to stories like this, the more they will grow up to be resilient and confident young adults. ”
—Kathryn Orford, Best Selling Author of Become your #1 Fan ~ How to Silence your Inner Critic and Live the Life of your Dreams.

“The Curse of the Neverland is a great read aloud for children or an independent read for upper elementary and middle school students.  I cheered for Piper as she bravely rescued the ‘Lifers’ from Fitch’s miserable excuse for a foster home.  This is a great story of the resiliency of youth and the strength that is found in shared experiences….good and bad.  Although there are dark, heart wrenching moments in this story, the strength and determination of the girls is inspiring.  I hope Ms. MacLaine is hard at work on the next installment in this series.  I can’t wait to read what Piper and her Merry Band have in store for Cap’t Lil Jack next.”
—Pam Scholz, Elementary School Librarian, Stafford, VA

“As King Oberon of the fairies says, ‘Never stop believing.’ The Curse of the Neverland is a cleverly crafted reminder that love and friendships are meant to be created and nurtured, valued beyond treasure. As an author and a woman, I am captivated by the story and grateful to Lindy MacLaine for creating a world that can be shared with the young girls in my life. A world filled with opportunities to simply enjoy reading together or to choose to explore some of the deeper subjects of fear, greed, bullying, heroism and leadership. Truly a book for all ages.”
—Marjorie Schoelles, Author of Now I Wish Upon A

Kirkus Review: 

“MacLaine’s debut novel delivers a new twist on an old classic, complete with pirates, dragons, pixies, childhood adventure and a twee fairyland.” […] click to continue reading

Enjoyed by boys as well!. “My 9 yr old (who is an AVID reader) finished reading The Curse of the Neverland yesterday. He really enjoyed it. He is a man of few words, so when I asked him for feedback, his response was “It was good. Can I get the next book in that series to read now?”
—Ben Thole, father of 3 boys


“Lindy MacLaine has written a lovely adventure story for young people, with a lot of appeal for grown-ups, too. And her presence as a reader does her story and Peter Pan’s legacy justice — she’s witty, energetic, and very engaging.”
—Jessica Peterson White, Proprietor of Content, Purveyors of new and used books


“I just finished reading Lindy Maclaine’s book The Curse of the Neverland. Great read, didn’t want to put it down. It flowed well, spoke to the child in me as well as the adult part of me. Wording is lyrical, thought provoking and connected and I am sure would be enjoyed by both girls and boys not to mention us older folks as well. I really recommend you look into as a personal read or a gift or both.

—Kay Kepley, Retired Librarian


“I finished The Curse of Neverland two nights ago. I was really into it! I did not want it to end, which is exactly what you want for a series, right? I found it so well written all the way through. I can’t wait til book 2 comes out – put me on the announcement list!”

—Sara Tedeschi, National Farm to School Network Program Manager