Playful Halloween

Piper Pan, brought to life by Aisha Zaleha Latip

Piper Pan, brought to life by Aisha Zaleha Latip

Wishing you a playful Halloween!

Growing up, somehow I forgot to include the playful aspect of dressing up and going out on Halloween. I got caught up in “doing it right,” or in the fact that I thought I didn’t know how to do it right, and I got stuck there.

character poster smallThese days, I figure life’s too short for that. If you aren’t easy with Halloween celebrations, try something new this year. Think back to some of your favorite book characters—some of the ones that inspired you, made you want to step into their shoes and have their adventures.

Next, open your closet, and recreate one of those characters. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect, even one item suggesting the character—a scarf, a hat, a pair of boots—will do the trick. Your imagination can do the rest!


The biggest key is to play—enjoy a playful Halloween!

The author and Piper Pan

The author and Piper Pan

All the Girls Poster

These costumes are easy!

BL 4 Face Paintings Selfie

with three of my playful friends!


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