Girl Power

In Piper Pan and Her Merry Band, the Neverland is a place for girls coming into their own—girl power. I love that about my books.

Since you love girl power, too, you must see “The Eagle Huntress.”


The Eagle Huntress is a documentary. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cheer for […]

Hidden Figures

I usually stick to book recommendations in this blog—mostly those books of roughly the same genre as my own. But I’m making an exception today by recommending a movie to my fans: Hidden Figures. You’ve got to see it!


The connection to my books is thematic.

Both my books and […]

Storytelling Styles

Storytelling styles stay with you…

I have a vivid memory of the first time I read Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson—my father read it aloud at our family evening “story hour.” The story held me in its grips—gritty, thrilling, slightly scary, and magnetic.

The Vanishing Island, by Barry Wolverton—first in his […]

Creative Tools

What are your Creative Tools?

All of us need help in our creative lives. Sometimes we want more creative flow, sometimes we can’t keep up. What kind of help do you need, and what tools can help?

This week I talked with a friend who has been experiencing a rush of inspiration such […]

Wizard’s Dog

Do you remember the wonderful story “The Sword in the Stone?” What you won’t remember, is the wizard’s dog!

Enter: The Wizard’s Dog, by Eric Kahn Gale. It’s a clever reimagining of the tale told from the perspective of Merlin’s dog, “Nosewise.”

Here’s the summary:


“When his master and best […]

Lucky Strikes

A story of laughter and tears to go with today’s book recommendation, Lucky Strikes, by Louis Bayard.

Two weeks ago I spent a long weekend in my hometown—Northfield, MN—and packed more memorable moments into three and a half days than normally pass in a handful of months. I could tell you a bunch of stories […]

Creativity Secret Weapon

January: Best intentions head south.

Sound familiar? Whether you are a writer or your creativity takes another form, it sure is easy to let it slide… This is the perfect time of year to share my favorite creativity secret weapon. It’s the magic little book entitled The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield.


Brilliant Books

**Congratulations to Judie Lawson, who won the Christmas Eve drawing for Book Two!


As a reader, I admire authors. I’m typically generous with my praise. When I read Rooftoppers, by Katherine Rundell, I realized the problem with high praise all around is it doesn’t leave proper space to applaud the really brilliant books.

Rooftoppers […]

Win Book Two

Book Two

Would you like to win book two? To qualify for the drawing, leave a comment below this post. I’ll draw a winner on Christmas Eve!




Holidays bring up emotions of all kinds. Stories help: they keep your emotions flowing in a healthy way. Today I’ve got two very different […]

The Curse of the Neverland Kindle Launch

Piper’s Merry Band Members: Heads up and request for help with Book One Kindle Launch.

Book One

The Curse of the Neverland is now available on Kindle! Regularly priced at $7.97 it can be downloaded FREE Sunday Dec. 5th through Thursday, December […]